Hans Sprecher

Remarketing: Overdone

Hans Sprecher, @honzie


Ever notice how banner ads feel like they follow you around the internet? Most of the time it feels like gentle reinforcement of brands you occasionally visit on the web.

In fact, when I see a Brooks Brothers ad out there, I feel good. It reminds me to check and see if there's anything new I need to get to reinforce a preppy wardrobe.

But Sometimes, You Need to Evaluate Your Logic

Recently, Real Cyclist recently started stalking me on a series of gear sites. It peaked recently with three remarketed ads showing up on one page. The above is the end result.

So remember, folks who manage all things paid, ensure that you are not overly flooding users. Ensure they aren't getting your ad twice on a page. Ensure your ad isn't on every page.

It'll be a better use of your budget.

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